Student Excuses

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A Good Start

On my second day as an elementary school teacher, I received this note from a parent, in lieu of her son’s homework:

“Avromi has worked for about 30 min very diligently and with enthusiasm!  We are all very happy about it.  Unfortunately he couldn’t find a pencil.”


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How true!

From a first grader, arriving home spitting mad after overhearing teachers discussing their paychecks:

“The teachers get PAID! But it’s us kids doing all the WORK and all we get are LOUSY STICKERS!” “

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Truckless in Tennessee

“I have lost my truck.”


Many thanks to Dr. Norman Weatherby, a Professor at Middle Tennessee State University, for reporting this attendance excuse, fresh from last week.

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A Sunny Disposition Helps

Victoria Van Voorhis reports:

Twenty-five years ago, before the days of tanning salons and good (okay, better) self-tanning lotions, I was working in the Economics Department of a large mid-western university.  Two weeks after final exams for spring quarter, a student came into the office asking if he (note the gender) could take the final exam for the microeconomics course, because he had been unable to take it during the regular time.

When asked why he hadn’t taken it two weeks previously, he replied, “Well, I am competing in the “Mr. ****” contest, and I needed to work on my tan.”

The instructor let him take it because, really — Who could make that up?

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